Protein Design Software. Rosetta Simplified – Learn more here.

  • Protein Design & Modeling Using Rosetta, Intuitive Web Browser Interface.
  • Cyrus Bench Is Rosetta, But Easy To Use. Easy Implementation & Professional Support.
  • Rosetta software, first developed at David Baker’s lab at UW Seattle and now developed by the RosettaCommons, has made huge leaps forward in protein design and modeling, but it lacks a graphical interface, requires multiple other software packages to function effectively, requires months or years of training, and requires large numbers of servers and basic programming skills to perform most tasks.
  • Cyrus designed Bench, a graphical version of the Rosetta software suite with servers on the cloud, for enterprise scientific users in BioPharma and Life Sciences at commercial and non-profit organizations.
  • Bench offers automated and benchmarked scientific tasks (such as protein structure prediction, antibody structure prediction, and protein interface design) deployed on the cloud with nearly limitless computation at the push of a button
  • The Bench suite of tools includes critical dependencies for Rosetta such as private BLAST and SparksX servers (exclusive to Cyrus), small molecule support in partnership with Openeye (small molecules are not natively supported in Rosetta), and many other bioinformatics packages automatically configured to operate efficiently.
  • With the Bench software suite you can focus on your science in Rosetta protein design and modeling so you can achieve better results in the lab more rapidly.