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  • Protein Design & Engineering Using Rosetta with an intuitive Browser Interface.
  • Cyrus Bench Is Rosetta, But Easy To Use. Easy Implementation & Professional Support.
  • Rosetta software is responsible for the key firsts in protein design and protein simulation including the first de novo designed protein using protein folding simulations (Top7), designed enzymes, and high-affinity protein binders via protein interaction design.
  • Multiple Rosetta designed proteins are in pre-clinical or clinical testing at numerous companies including Tocagen, PvP Biologics, Arzeda, Neoleukin, Sana and Lyell. No other computational protein design and analysis platform can make a similar claim.
  • Rosetta protein modeling software has been extensively validated in more than a thousand publications, including more than 60 publications in high profile journals like Nature, Science and Cell. Rosetta has continued to be a leader among protein structure software tools at the CASP and CAMEO evaluations.
  • Key Rosetta use cases: Protein structure prediction, protein homology modeling, protein folding, protein interaction design, protein interaction prediction, protein visualization, protein simulation (conformational analysis), protein alignment, protein analysis (structural).
  • Rosetta protein structure modeling and design is now available in an easy-to-use form as Cyrus Bench, including built in protein visualization, extensive support for protein modeling in the presence of small molecules and for protein interaction modeling.