Protein Prediction Software. Rosetta Simplified – Learn more here.

  • Protein Design & Engineering Using Rosetta with an Intuitive Web Browser Interface.
  • Cyrus Bench Is Rosetta, But Easy To Use. Easy Implementation & Professional Support.
  • Rosetta is the leading protein structure prediction server in 2019 in the Continuous Automated Model Selection competition (CAMEO).
  • Protein structure and folding prediction allows protein function prediction from sequence (going beyond bioinformatics analysis alone), analysis of protein mutations from sequence (e.g. in genomic data), prediction of protein stability from sequence.
  • Rosetta is now available in easy-to-use, full-featured form in Cyrus Bench protein structure prediction and protein mutational analysis software, including multiple tools for protein stability prediction.
  • Bench includes a fully automated cloud-based protein structure prediction server, for general protein structure prediction and antibody structure prediction, with bioinformatics and cheminformatics tools including SparksX and BLAST servers built in.
  • Build a protein 3D model (pdb format) from sequence – rapid and accurate protein folding and function predictions using our secure, private protein structure prediction server.