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  • Protein Design & Engineering with Rosetta. Professional Support & Training.
  • Over 1000 papers. Used by 10 of top 20 Pharma. Biotech Pharma Academia Synthetic Bio.
  • Cyrus offers easy to use Rosetta protein design tools with massive amounts of compute, tutorials, training and professional support.
  • Rosetta software is responsible for the key firsts in protein design and protein simulation including the first de novo designed protein (Top7), designed enzymes, and high-affinity protein binders via protein interaction design.
  • Multiple Rosetta designed proteins are in pre-clinical or clinical testing at numerous companies, most of which have been spun out from the Institute for Protein Design.
  • Computational protein design improves on rational protein design, especially in identifying multiple mutations to increase activity, stability or specificity in concert, or by allowing fully de novo protein design of new proteins not related to natural ones.
  • Rosetta software from David Baker’s lab at the Institute for Protein Design and over 50 other institutions has been extensively validated in more than a thousand publications, including many in Science and Nature.
  • Key Rosetta protein design software use cases: Protein structure prediction, protein interaction design for higher affinity or specificity, enzyme design for higher activity or specificity, enhanced protein engineering, protein library design, protein stabilization design, protein liability design (reduced immunogenicity, lower aggregation, improved solubility) for biologics.