Cyrus is advancing biologics for IgG mediated autoimmune disease (IdeS enzyme), Infectious Disease (COVID19, CMV) metabolic disorders (IL-22) and oncology (IL-15), built and advanced using our protein design platform that combines AI, Rosetta, and large scale laboratory screening.

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CYR212 Next-Gen IdeS

Multiple severe autoimmune diseases, such as Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) and warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (wAIHA) among many others, are driven by pathogenic IgG auto-antibodies.

Cyrus’ IgG protease – derived from the streptococcus bacterium – is able to rapidly deplete these auto-antibodies to provide rapid, deep and sustained relief from the major symptoms of these diseases.

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Next-Gen IL-22

IL-22 promotes tissue protection and regeneration, especially for gastrointestinal disorders and viral infections. This cytokine also appears to promote weight loss. The challenge for most IL-22 therapies in development has been the presence of an IL-22 specific binding protein (IL-22BP) that inhibits therapy. Cyrus’ IL-22 is BP-resistant as well as half-life extended.

Next-Gen IL-15

IL-15 activates effector T-cells (Teff) and Natural Killer (NK) cells, stimulating an immune response to tumors in the body. However, IL-15 can also trigger toxicity – such as neutropenia – at higher doses. Cyrus’ IL-15 has a larger therapeutic window via a proprietary AI-designed slow-release modification.

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ACE2.v2 Receptor Decoy

ACE2 is the natural receptor for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID19. The virus spike protein attaches to this receptor in order to enter and infect cells. Cyrus’ ACE2 decoy is a soluble form of this receptor, with enhanced affinity for the virus and significantly extended half-life, which appears to be resistant to all current – and likely all future – virus variants, and which can be dosed at 3 month intervals to provide COVID prophylaxis for immunocompromised or high-risk individuals.

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CYR212 Next-Gen IdeS

The adeno-associated virus (AAV), used commonly to deliver gene therapy is often attacked by the immune system, interfering with gene delivery. IgG antibodies form the core of this attack. Cyrus’ IgG protease – derived from the streptococcus bacterium – is able to rapidly deplete these IgG antibodies, maintaining very low levels of IgG for an extended period of time, providing a significant window for the delivery and uptake of gene therapy.

hCMV Receptor Decoy

Human Cytomegalovirus is the leading non-genetic cause of birth defects including hearing loss, but there is no current therapeutic that is safe for use during pregnancy. Cyrus is engineering a natural hCMV receptor decoy with extended half life as a novel therapeutic, now in pre-clinical studies. The natural receptor has low specificity with high off-target binding. We have used our platform to engineer a high specificity, extended half life version as our candidate, now in non-human primate studies.

IL-6 Pathway Agonist

Non-publicly disclosed milestone and royalty-based collaboration in IL-6.

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