New Controls for Structure Viewer

The ability to select structures to view in the center window has become easier to manipulate. When you select a collection in the left window, the structures in that collection will become listed in the center window. Previously, you were only able to select structures to see in the viewer by individually clicking the eye icon to the left of the structure.


We have introduced multi-select to the collections panel, so many checkboxes can be checked with the same ***click + shift-click*** shortcut that can be used in the structure viewer. Now, you will also be able to send structures to the viewer by clicking a new eye icon found above that list of structures in the center window.

CAD Cyrus Biotechnology

You can check one or more structure boxes, click the new eye icon, then select “Add to Structure Viewer” from the drop down menu to bring selected structures into the viewer. You can also select structures to be removed from the structure viewer or replace structures with a different set.


One final change is that clicking a structure row will now select or deselect the structure box rather than effect whether its eye icon is active.

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