Homology Modeling Software. Rosetta Simplified – Learn more here.

  • Rosetta Is The Leader In Homology Modeling And Protein Structure Prediction.
  • Over 1000 Papers. Used By 10 Of Top 20 Pharma. Biotech Pharma Academia Synthetic Bio.
  • Rosetta is the 2019 #1 most accurate protein homology modeling tool in the Continuous Automated Model Selection competition (CAMEO).
  • Rosetta is now available in easy-to-use, full-featured form in Cyrus Bench homology modeling software, including our homology modeling tutorials and optional support.
  • More accurate models than RaptorX, IntFOLD, Swiss-Model (Swiss-Prot) and Biovia Modeler.
  • Use more accurate comparative models for genetics/genomics (mutational free energy analysis), structure based drug design, biologics engineering for protein affinity or stability.
  • Any computational protein workflow requires the most accurate possible starting models, by using Cyrus Bench you reduce the risk of costly mistakes with lower quality models from other software.
  • Build a protein homology model using comparative modeling in Rosetta, with our automated multi-step multi-template homology modeling tool.