Expert protein modeling. Automated Structure Prediction. Multi-template Models.

  • More accurate models than RaptorX, IntFOLD, HH-suite, Swiss-Model (Swiss-Prot) & Modeler
  • Rosetta: The World’s Most Powerful Structure Prediction Tool. Now Accessible To All.
  • Introducing Cyrus Bench, Rosetta On The Cloud. Learn More And Watch A Demo.
  • Rosetta is the 2019 #1 most accurate at Continuous Automated Model Selection competition (CAMEO) compared with RaptorX, IntFOLD, HH-suite, Swiss Model and Modeler.
  • The Rosetta homology modeling pipeline offers higher atomic accuracy, more useful comparative models with higher quality loops than RaptorX, IntFOLD, HH-suite (hhpred, hhsearch), Swiss Model (swiss prot), Modeler, i-tasser and other popular servers (Schrodinger does not compete in the blinded CAMEO competition.
  • Rosetta is now available in easy-to-use, highly automated, full-featured form in Cyrus Bench, including SparksX deep homolog identification and Rosetta structure-based fragment generation.