Happy April 1! Announcing Cyrus ROSVAC-2!

Seattle, WA, April 1 2016. Cyrus Biotechnology is proud to announce a major step forward in computer biochemistry, the ROSVAC-2, an industrial-strength minicomputer custom-designed for simulations of biological molecules, with an astonishingly small 2000 sq ft. footprint, capable of over 5 simultaneous protein amino acid sequence calculations per annum.

Data is input into ROSVAC-2 using our proprietary PROTTAPES, custom-designed tape input and storage appliances capable of over 100 bytes per second data storage, recording an atomic protein structure in mere hours! ROSVAC-2 displays protein cartoon structures in beautiful 128×128 black and white pixels (ROSVAC-2 operator control booth pictured below). ROSVAC-2 requires a minimal staff of 5 technicians and 3 data entry staff, along with 1 glassblower and a part-time blacksmith for routine repairs.

“The best part is how easy it is to use! I just startup the generator, rebuild the broken vacuum tubes, initiate startup procedures, finalize boot loading, set switches 7 through 1028 and then press the red button and turn the key” said ROSVAC-2 beta tester Steve Smith of the USAF. “Three months later I have results I can use.”.
“Why run on the cloud when you can have a ROSVAC-2 installed on-site in a dedicated room for only a few million bucks?”, says user John Jacobs at General Electric, “last time I checked its not raining!”.
Cyrus is taking orders for ROSVAC-2 now! Installation at your facility complete in 12-18 months. Prices start at only $15 million, and support contracts are available. Cyrus is also offering a 6 month training course at ROS-U for corporate technicians.
Thanks for reading! If it is not already clear, Cyrus is not really launching a ROSVAC-2, but is in beta testing for our  best-in-class cloud-based protein modeling and design tool, Cyrus Bench based on Rosetta, with general release in mid 2016. Contact us at info@cyrusbio.com if you would like to learn more.

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