Rosetta Foldit for Enterprise. Protein Design Software. Upload pdbs, load ligands.

  • Rosetta: The leader in structure prediction. Gamified in Foldit. For Pros now at Cyrus
  • Cyrus Bench Brings You A Commercial Rosetta; Simpler, Yet Just As Powerful.
  • Rosetta software is responsible for the key firsts in protein design and protein simulation including the first de novo designed protein using protein folding simulations (Top7), designed enzymes, and high-affinity protein binders via protein interaction design.
  • Foldit is a game version of Rosetta, running on a laptop and suitable for citizen science and education applications, and it has become widely popular, but many biochemists are looking to run Rosetta in a graphical environment on their own proteins.
  • Cyrus Bench enables any biochemist to design a protein using easy point and click graphics similar to foldit, but on any protein with any small molecule or other binding partner (e.g. and enzyme with its substrate ligand), so you can design your own proteins and use the full power of Rosetta software deployed onto massive compute resources on the cloud.
  • Cyrus Bench includes extensive training videos and support for protein modeling with small molecule ligands and for protein interaction modeling in an easy graphical interface similar to foldit, but created for enterprise users in BioPharma, chemicals and academic/non-profit organizations.