Cyrus CSO Yifan Song publishes advance in CryoEM Structure

Cyrus CSO Yifan Song, along with lead author Ray Wang from the University of Washington and PI Frank DiMaio have published an important next step in the progress towards making Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) a vital new tool in drug discovery. In their manuscript published in the journal eLife, “Automated structure refinement of macromolecular assemblies from cryo-EM maps using Rosetta”, Wang and co-authors describe a method in Rosetta software to automatically build atomic resolution models of complex protein assemblies from cryo-EM data. Cryo-EM technology has improved drastically in recent years due to new detector technology, allowing this method to approach atomic resolution. Atomic resolution is vital in solving protein structures, and structures are a linchpin in the discovery of most modern drugs. Without Rosetta, cryo-EM models from the new detectors are valuable, but with Rosetta automated structure building of atomic-resolution models, these data are drastically more useful in solving important medical problems.

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