Cyrus Biotechnology Significantly Expands Customer Engagement through Biotherapeutic Partnerships and Fee-for-Service Scientific Consulting

SEATTLE, WA August 14, 2019 — Cyrus Biotechnology, Inc., a Seattle-based biotech software company specializing in the use and commercialization of Rosetta, the world’s leading computational protein design platform, announces a significant expansion of its efforts to leverage the full range of Rosetta’s capabilities to establish biotherapeutic partnerships and offer fee-for-service consulting to its customers. “Over the last couple of decades, Rosetta has emerged as the most validated and comprehensive software for the computational design of proteins, leading to multiple biomolecules now in pre-clinical and clinical trials from companies such as PVP Biologics, Tocagen, Lyell and others” notes Cyrus CEO Dr. Lucas Nivon. “Our customers have been eager to more closely collaborate with Cyrus on their most strategic R&D challenges, which can be addressed by Rosetta’s vast capabilities well beyond the features currently available in the Cyrus Bench software. As a result, we have decided to make a set of services available with focus on Pharma discovery needs.” The new services include: difficult homology modeling, highly parallelized docking and modeling/design for biologics and vaccines, modeling and design of large protein or protein/nucleic acid complexes, structure building and refinement for CryoEM and X-Ray crystallography, protein stabilization and solubilization (Rosetta and machine learning based), and a range of other services based on Cyrus in-house tools. While substantially expanding its capacity to support collaborative partnerships and consulting services, Cyrus will reduce the velocity of its efforts to incorporate Rosetta capabilities into its Cyrus Bench software, which will continue to be maintained and supported to the benefit of its customers with the basic set of Rosetta capabilities. Cyrus Bench customers will be able to expand their relationship with Cyrus to tackle a broader set of challenges through Cyrus fee-for-service scientific consulting. Cyrus has already established partnerships with downstream revenue-sharing components and has successfully engaged in several fee-for-service projects with small biotechs, global pharmaceuticals, synthetic biology and consumer product companies. Cyrus can leverage Rosetta and its scientific expertise in the discovery and development of antibodies, non-antibody biologics, therapeutic enzymes (e.g. Enzyme Replacement Therapy), signalling proteins, peptides, vaccines and a variety of applications in computer-assisted small molecule discovery. About Cyrus Cyrus Biotechnology, Inc. is a privately-held biotechnology software company offering scientific consulting services and the Cyrus Bench® SaaS platform for protein engineering to accelerate discovery of biologics and small molecules for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Consumer Products and Synthetic Biology industries. Cyrus services are based on the Rosetta software from Prof. David Baker’s laboratory at the University of Washington. Rosetta is the most powerful protein engineering software available. Cyrus customers include 13 of the top 20 Global Pharmaceutical firms. The company is financed by leading investors in both Technology and Biotechnology, including Trinity Ventures, Orbimed, Springrock Ventures, Alexandria Venture Investments, and W Fund. Cyrus Contact – Lucas Nivon 206-258-6561

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