Import Collection

You can import a collection of structures from another project. First, go to the Structure Loader tab of the project where you need the collection to end up. In the center region you will see a pull down arrow so that you can select a project. Then select from the collection pull down window. Clicking Import will pull that collection into your project.

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Import Collection

Sequence Logo

Sequence Logo is a tool that can be used after running CAD Design or Flex Design. The Design methods in Bench allow for sequence mutation in the search for improved stability or affinity. The Logo plot makes it simple to visualize the sequence variation at each mutatable position once the calculation is complete. Residue mutations accepted at each position and the frequency with which they are observed are reflected in the Logo plot …more

Sequence tool CAD Cyrus Biotechnology

Sequence Logo

Cyrus Bio Co-Founder David Baker Featured in the New York Times

SEATTLE, WA January 02, 2018 — Prof. David Baker, Cyrus Bio Scientific Co-Founder and Director of the Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington, and the Rosetta software, have been prominently featured in the December 26th, 2017 New York Times article by Carl Zimmer, “Scientists are Designing Artisanal Proteins for Your Body.”

The article illustrates how computationally building proteins from first principles are effectively targeting influenza, botulism, opioids, gluten intolerance, gene therapy and immuno-oncology.

Gary Nabel, Chief Scientific Officer at Sanofi, is quoted saying that “the new research may lead to the invention of molecules we can’t yet imagine.”

Cyrus Bench® is a Software-as-a-Service platform based on the Rosetta protein modeling toolkit for protein structure prediction, discovery, modeling, stabilization, engineering and design, making some of the methods developed at Prof. Baker’s lab available to a wider audience of scientific users in Pharmaceutics, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Academia and Non-Profits.

Click here to access the article. A subscription to the New York Times may be required.