Superpose structures

We’ve added a feature that allows you to superpose structures on top of one another over a specific region of interest. This is useful for comparing regions of interest after running an Action that alters the protein backbone. For more information, navigate to Support using the dropdown at the upper right, and search for “Superpose”. …more

Superpose Structures CAD Cyrus Biotechnology

Superpose Structures

Performance improvements and collection filtering

We’ve drastically improved performance when viewing large collections by implementing virtual scrolling. You will see a much faster and more responsive UI when dealing with large collections. Additionally, we have implemented filtering within collections. Click the ‘Selected’ or ‘Loaded in viewer’ links above the collection table to filter by each option.

Product shortcuts

To make navigation between Cyrus products easier, we’ve included an app dropdown at the top right of CAD. Contained in this dropdown are links to our support site, Homology Modeling, and CAD. In HM, click ‘Products’ when in projects view, or the app icon when in a project to see the same dropdown.

Improvements to actions and metrics panels

We’ve added numbering to ddGs, as well as sorting to the actions and metrics panels. To sort by order created, click ‘Task’, and to sort by date updated, click ‘Updated’. In the metrics panel you can also click ‘Structure’, which will sort alphabetically by structure name.