Yifan Song, Cyrus’ Chief Science Officer, publishes work on improved cryo-electron-microscopy protein structures using Rosetta software in Nature Methods.

Article Abstract: We describe a general approach for refining protein structure models on the basis of cryo-electron microscopy maps with near-atomic resolution. The method integrates Monte Carlo sampling with local density-guided optimization, Rosetta all-atom refinement and real-space B-factor fitting. In tests on experimental maps of three different systems with 4.5-Å resolution or better, the method consistently produced models with atomic-level accuracy largely independently of starting-model quality, and it outperformed the molecular dynamics–based MDFF method. Cross-validated model quality statistics correlated with model accuracy over the three test systems. (Nature Methods, vol. 12, p. 361, 2015).

Cyrus Biotech Licensing News Release


Cyrus Biotech Licensing News Release

Announcing Cyrus Biotechnology’s licensing of Rosetta software from the University of Washington, and our initial funding! We are thrilled to be launched with terrific support from everyone at the UW, especially David Baker and his IPD and UW’s CoMotion technology transfer office.

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