Looking for Cyrus Bench? Cyrus has spun out its software service at levitate.bio

Cures by Design

Cyrus Bio is an AI-driven discovery company focused on naturally existing proteins that show the potential to be turned into superior therapeutics using AI and deep mutagenesis.

IdeS: IgG Depletion for Auto-Immune Diseases

Cyrus IdeS uniquely addresses over $3B of clinical market in acute IgG-driven autoimmune disease.

A Potent IL-22 Variant for Autoimmune Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Indications

Cyrus IL-22 fusion protein enables superior efficacy via disinhibition against naturally occurring IL-22 Binding Protein.

sACE2.v2-Fc COVID-19 Candidate is Effective Against All Variants

Cyrus candidate enables durable prophylaxis against COVID-19 for the 7 million immunocompromised individuals in the United States.